CheckPoint TXJ Companies (DUE DAY 6)

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1. List and describe the security controls in place. Where are the weaknesses? The company is still using WEP, which is an outdated encryption security measurement. WEP encryptions are easily hacked into. TJX also does not have very strong firewalls in place allow information to be accessed by hackers easier as well. The vendor’s passwords are at risk of being discovered due to inadequate protection from the firewalls and WEP encryption, as well as kiosks in stores that were easily accessed as well. 2. What tools and technologies could have been used to fix the weaknesses? The first change that would need to be made it to make a switch from the WEP encryption to a newer stronger way of access such as a protected Wi-Fi access or WPA encryption, all passwords used for accessing the company’s records would need to be changed as well. Also following and properly using PCI requirements will help to improve security measures. 3.
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