assignment hardware replacement

assignment hardware replacement - Hardware replacement...

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Hardware replacement project 1 Heather Verbos IT205\AXIA College Hardware replacement project
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Hardware replacement project 2 Introduction The businesses technology department has decided to add a new CRM, which is customer relationship management program to its organization. Their current program will not support the new CRM program so a hardware replacement project, or HPR, is needed. The HPR consists of five major variable time, quality, scope and risk. A description of these variables’s relation to the HRP will be giving in this paper. The risks and solutions will be discussed along with thoughts of why this project will be best for this business. Project management Planning work, risk assessment, resources needed, work organization, procurement of materials and human resources, action directions, project implementation, progress reports, task assignments, and consequence examination are all a part of project management. The hardware replacement project (HRP) will also involve the five major variables mentioned before. A break down and explanation of those variables will be listed below. Quality is one of the five variables. Quality determines results upon the completion of the project, whether or not the business is satisfied with the new programs. To be considered of good quality the new program must result in improvements to the decision making and the performance or the organization. Quality can also be determined by the new systems user- friendliness, suitability, generated data, and accuracy. Costs is determined by the amount of time that it took to complete the project and the
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assignment hardware replacement - Hardware replacement...

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