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CHAPTER 4 SOLUTIONS Conceptual Questions 2. The  y  component of velocity is first positive and then negative in a symmetric fashion. As a result, the average  component of velocity is zero. The  x  component of velocity, on the other hand, is always     v 0 cos θ .  Therefore, the  projectile’s average velocity has a magnitude of     v 0 cos  and points in the positive  x  direction. Conceptual Exercises 4. The answer is (a).  Both divers have the same vertical component of velocity just before they land, but in  addition, diver 2 has a nonzero horizontal component of velocity.  Therefore, the splashdown speed of diver 2 is greater  than that of diver 1. Problems 1. Picture the Problem : The vector involved in this problem is depicted at right. Strategy: Separate v r into x - and y -components. Let north be along the x -axis, west along the y axis. Find the components of the velocity in each direction and use them to find the distances traveled. Solution: 1. (a) Find x v and y v : ( 29 ( 29 3.6 m/s cos43 2.63 m/s 3.6 m/s sin 43 2.46 m/s x y v v = - = - = = 2. Find the westward distance traveled: ( 29 ( 29 2.46 m/s 26 min 60 s/min 3838 m 3.8 km y y v t = = = = 3. (b) Find the northward distance traveled: ( 29 ( 29 2.63 m/s 26 min 60 s/min 4102 m 4.1 km x x v t = = = = Insight: The northward and westward motions can be considered separately. In this case they are each described by constant velocity motion. 7. Picture the Problem : The arrow falls below the target center as it flies from the bow to the target. Strategy: Treat the vertical and horizontal motions separately. First find the time required for the arrow to drop straight down 56 cm from rest. Then use that time together with the horizontal target distance to find the horizontal speed of the arrow. That must also equal the initial speed because the arrow was launched horizontally. Solution:
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web assign CH4 solution - CHAPTER 4 SOLUTIONS Conceptual...

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