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Racism in Sport by Otis Madison (Note: Dr. Madison got a bit off the topic at times, so I have filled in the blanks.) I. Introduction - Racism is related to socialization. Socialization is very controlled by all societies. Must transmit the "proper" norms, values, and attitudes to the population. Sports in addition to providing entertainment, are a powerful tool of socialization and social control. - One of the main functions of media is to socialize; it does not simply entertain. - The status of Blacks (and Black athletes) parallels the socialization of America during industrialization. - Sports before and just after the Civil War were integrated, especially horse racing, baseball, etc. - The segregation issue is mirrored in sport - 1865 to 1877 is the reconstruction period – there was no segregation. Poor Whites and poor Blacks united and began to vote, demand education for children, etc. - The compromise of 1877 pulled the Federal troops out of the south. The people in power (wealthy whites) devised a peonage system to “enslave” poor Whites and Blacks. - In 1877 the federal government agreed to pull the federal troops out of the South. This left the South in the old slavery mode - only worse. - "Jim Crow" is the term for legal segregation. America became segregated by race: separate rest rooms, schools, drinking fountains, etc. - In 1897 the Supreme Court legalized segregation. II. Reasons for Segregation - To maintain a split between poor Whites and poor Blacks so they would not unite against the power system. (Basically cause revolution) - Basically to keep slaves as slaves and to enslave the poor Whites. - Country music is the music of poor people (or was until recently).
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Otis_Madison_-_Racism - Racism in Sport by Otis Madison...

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