English 225 Exam 1 Guidelines Spring 2011

English 225 Exam 1 - course accommodate those with special needs when it is requested by the student and the Office of Student Disability Services

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The first exam is 40 questions: 15 vocab questions, in which I provide the definition and you provide the term. 25 short-answer questions based on reading and lecture. These short-answer questions will test how well you’ve read the material—details of plot and character; for example, some questions will provide a quote, and you will have to identify which character spoke those words. They will also test your engagement in lecture; for example, I might ask you to cite one of the two registers of authority operative in Beowulf : the authority of lineage or the authority of martial valor (something I covered in lecture) The exam is designed to be easily completed within 30 minutes. We will, of
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Unformatted text preview: course, accommodate those with special needs, when it is requested by the student and the Office of Student Disability Services. Here is the list of literary terms that may appear on your first exam. 15 of the following 20 terms will be tested on the exam: epic, narrative poetry, fabliau, chivalric romance, allegory, exemplum, satire, parody, verbal irony, dramatic irony, synecdoche, metonymy, kenning, litotes, alliteration, iambic pentameter, heroic couplet, closed vs. open couplets, meter. Note: I have not yet covered all of the above terms. I expect to, however, before the first exam....
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