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Sample Textual ID & Analysis Question-3

Sample Textual ID & Analysis Question-3 - Sample...

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Sample Textual Identification and Analysis Question On the next exam, you will need to write two mini-essays, paragraphs that are 5-7 sentences in length, in response to questions that I call “textual identification and analysis questions.” The exam instructions will read as follows: Choose two of the four passages below. Identify each passage as precisely as you can (i.e. author, title) and write a critical comment on it in which you discuss important features of the language and situate the passage within the broader context of the work as a whole. Each response should be approximately five to seven sentences in length. Be sure to indicate which numbered passage you are discussing. Here is an example of the type of passage you might find on the exam (note, the example below is not from a text we have read this semester): 1. 1: Sweet Auburn! loveliest village of the plain, 2: Where health and plenty cheer'd the labouring swain, 3: Where smiling Spring its earliest visit paid, 4: And parting Summer's lingering blooms delay'd;
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  • Spring '08
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  • OLIVER GOLDSMITH, Sweet Auburn, textual identification, Sample Textual Identification, decent church, humble happiness endear

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