Wroth�s Sonnet 22

Wroth�s Sonnet 22 - Nor can have hope but to see hopes undone Besides their sacrifice receiv'd in sight Of their chose Saint mine hid as

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Wroth’s Sonnet 22 22. [Like to the Indians scorched with the Sunne] Like to the Indians scorched with the Sunne, The Sunne which they doe as their God adore: So am I us'd by Love, for evermore I worship him, lesse favours have I wonne. Better are they who thus to blacknesse run, And so can onely whitenesse want deplore: Then I who pale and white am with griefes store,
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Unformatted text preview: Nor can have hope, but to see hopes undone. Besides their sacrifice receiv'd in sight, Of their chose Saint, mine hid as worthlesse rite, Grant me to see where I my offerings give. Then let me weare the marke of Cupids might, In heart, as they in skin of Phoebus light, Not ceasing offerings to Love while I live....
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