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English 225 essay 1 spring 11(1)

English 225 essay 1 spring 11(1) - English 225 First Essay...

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English 225 First Essay Assignment General Directions Write a three to five page essay on ONE of the following topics that establishes a clear, focused argument and that uses sufficient textual evidence to support that argument. You should format the paper as follows: 12-point font, double-spacing, standard margins, your name and the essay’s title on the first page (no separate title page). Please use parenthetical citations for all quotations instead of footnotes. The stapled essay is due in lecture on Tuesday March 8. For every day the paper is late, its grade will be docked 2 points. The total number of accruable points for this paper is 40 points. Topics 1. The values of the warrior culture portrayed in Beowulf are woven into the very fabric of the poem’s descriptions. Drawing on the work of anthropologist Clifford Geertz, literary scholars call this value-laden descriptive language “thick descriptions.” In literature, a thick description is any seemingly objective
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