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Learning by Listening

Learning by Listening - LEARNING BY LISTENING You can learn...

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LEARNING BY LISTENING    You can learn a lot through  listening.  In college, it will be a prime source of  information. Unfortunately, people do not instinctively listen well. Listening  is a skill  which must be developed.      If you apply  the following  suggestions, you will find yourself listening  more  effectively, both in class and  out. 1.  Determine why what the speaker is saying is important to you.  If you don't have an  immediate, vivid  reason  for listening  to a speaker, you are an unmotivated  listener. 2.  Take responsibility for what is being said.   The responsibility for interest and   understanding  lies with  you, not with  the speaker. Learning  is up  to the learner. If you  simply  want  to sit passively and  blame the speaker for your lack of success, then you're  not a serious learner.
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