Chapter 5 - 4. What is ATP? What about its structure is...

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Chapter 5 : The Working Cell 1. What is the the Conservation of Energy Principle? 2. What is potential energy? How about kinetic energy? Is the energy conversion process efficient? What does it mean to say that entropy increases when potential energy is converted to kinetic energy? 3. How is energy conversion in animal cells like the running of a car engine? (Think about what goes into the process and what is released.)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is ATP? What about its structure is given away by its name? How is ATP used to do cellular work? 5. ATP can be spent to do different kinds of work what kinds of work were presented in lecture? Give a real-life of example for one of the three. Chapter 5 Terms to Know ADP ATP cellular respiration chemical energy energy entropy heat kinetic energy potential energy...
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