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Chapter 25 Study Qs - it’s added to salt to prevent...

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Chapter 25 : Hormones 1. What is the endocrine system? On what other system of the body does the endocrine system depend to fulfill its function? 2. What are hormones? Do hormones act generally or specifically on cells? What are the two different classes of hormones? 3. What are the two ways that hormones act on cells? What chemical property of a hormone determines the way in which it delivers its signal? 4. The control center of the endocrine system is which gland? Where in the body is this gland located? What other system of the body does this control gland interact with to initiate hormone release? 5. The posterior and anterior pituitaries have different functions and release different kinds of hormones. Describe these differences in function and in hormones. 6. What is the function of the thyroid gland? What trace element is an important component of many thyroid hormones? (hint:
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Unformatted text preview: it’s added to salt to prevent deficiencies in the American diet). 7. The pancreas releases two kinds of hormones that control the level of what chemical in the blood? By what kind of homeostatic mechanism does the pancreas release these hormones? 8. Diabetes is a disease that affects insulin production in the body. What are the two types of diabetes and which is the most common form among Americans who are afflicted? 9. What are the gonads and what kind of hormones do they release? Chapter 25 Terms to Know: amino-acid derived hormones antagonistic hormones anterior pituitary diabetes mellitus endocrine glands endocrine system estrogens follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) glucagon gonads growth hormone (GH) hypothalamus insulin luteinizing hormone (LH) pancreas parathyroid glands pituitary gland posterior pituitary steroid hormones target cell thyroid gland...
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