Week 3 - human body? (Chapter 2) • How does chemistry...

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Lecture Questions Monday, Sept 7 (Labor Day Holiday, no class) Wednesday, Sept 9 (Chapter 21) What is an “open” system? What is the biological relevance of surface area to volume ratio? How is the body’s internal environment regulated? What are negative and positive feedback mechanisms and how do they differ? What does the urinary system regulate and how does it do it? Friday, Sept 11 (Chapter 21) What is osmoregulation? How do land animals osmoregulate? What are the organs of the urinary system? How does the urinary system function to maintain proper water and solute content in the
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Unformatted text preview: human body? (Chapter 2) • How does chemistry inform biology? • What hierarchy do chemicals follow? • How and why do chemicals react? • How do chemicals bond? Monday, Sept 14 (Chapter 2) • What are atoms of elements made of? • What is a chemical reaction? • What feature of an atom contributes to its reactivity? • What kind of bonding occurs between atoms? • What kind of bonding occurs between molecules? • How do these bonds form?...
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