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Weeks 4 and 5 - What functions do they serve in the body...

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Lecture Questions Friday, Sept 18 (Chap 2) What four properties of water make it life-sustaining? What is does pH measure? What’s an acid? What’s a base? How a stable pH of the body’s fluids maintained? Monday, Sept 21 (Chapter 3) Which is considered to be the central element of life? What is a macromolecule? What kinds of chemical reactions build or break down macromolecules? What are the four classes of biological molecules? How do these classes differ in structure and function? Wednesday, Sept 23 (Chapter 3) How are lipids structured?
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Unformatted text preview: What functions do they serve in the body? • Why are proteins so important in the body? What are the monomers of proteins? • What are the levels of protein structure? • What are nucleic acids? Friday, Sept 25 (Chapter 22) • What is energy? • How do animals get energy and nutrients? • How much energy does the body need? • What nutrients does the body need? • How do you determine how nutritious your food is? • What are nutritional disorders? • What are the components of the digestive system?...
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