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Lecture Questions Monday, Sept 28 and Wednesday, Sept 30 (Chapter 22) How can you tell how nutritious your food is? What are nutritional disorders? How is food processed by the body? How does ingested food move through the body? Where is food digested? nutrients absorbed? What are the functional components of the human digestive system? Friday, October 2 (Chapter 4) How do eukaryotic cells vary in size? in function? How are all eukaryotic cells alike?
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Unformatted text preview: • What structures make up the eukaryotic cell? • What is the function of each of those structures? • How do these structures work together to accomplish the tasks of the cell? Monday, October 5 (Chapter 5) • Which parts of the cell can be called the “workhorses?” • How is ATP cellular energy? how is it used and renewed? • What different kinds of work can ATP be spent to do?...
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