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Lecture Questions Monday, Oct 12 (end of Chapter 5) What processes regulate transport across the plasma membrane of the cell? (Chapter 6) Why do we care about ATP production? Why does life depend on oxygen? How does breaking down sugar result in ATP? How do electrons help to make ATP? Additional Focus Questions: What is cellular respiration? In this metabolic process: What are the three steps? What are the important reactants? What is the final product?
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Unformatted text preview: What is the role of electrons? Wednesday, Oct 14 same questions for Chapter 6 from Monday Oct 12 Friday, Oct 16 (Ch 23) What is the function of the circulatory system in the human body? What three parts makes up the system? What are the two circuits of the circulatory system? why two circuits? How do different kinds of blood vessels vary in function? What is the function of the respiratory system?...
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