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CHEM 115 SYLLABUS -- 1st Summer 2010

CHEM 115 SYLLABUS -- 1st Summer 2010 - COURSE COURSE TITLE...

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COURSE: CHEM 115 All Sections COURSE TITLE: General Chemistry Laboratory I SEMESTER: 1 st Summer Term 2010 CREDIT HOURS: 1 MEETING TIME: Sections 1-4: Coulter Hall Room 200 MTW 10:00 a.m-12:50 p.m. TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Lance Majors ( [email protected] ) Hope Cruse ( [email protected] ) Rachel Williams ( [email protected] ) Danielle Yancey ( [email protected] ) INSTRUCTOR: Primary Contact – Dr. John Wiginton – Coulter Hall 223A – phone: 915-1553 e-mail: [email protected] Secondary Contact – Dr. Safo Aboaku – Coulter Hall 223B – phone: 915-4038 e-mail: [email protected] TEXTBOOK: Chemistry 115 Lab Manual , 4th edition ; Kerri Scott & John F. Wiginton; Pearson Custom Publishing, 2006. ISBN: 0-536-43529-4 ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT OR SUPPLIES NEEDED: Safety Goggles (MUST HAVE INDIRECT VENTILATION), Paper Towels, Matches, Pocket calculator, Student I.D., metric ruler, Permanent (Sharpie®) marker, Carbonless Duplicate Laboratory Notebook, Access to Chem21Labs.com website ($10, required) . STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Chemistry 115 is the laboratory course accompanying CHEM 105 (General Chemistry Lecture I). CHEM 115 introduces the introduction to basic laboratory techniques and concepts of importance in the study of chemistry. When taken with CHEM 105 completes the first semester of the first year chemistry sequence for B.S. and B.A. science-oriented degrees. Pre- requisites/Co-requisites: Concurrent enrollment in CHEM 105 or successful completion of CHEM 105 in a previous semester. MAJOR OBJECTIVES OF COURSE: 1. Development of the student's abilities to make observations and carry out measurements in the laboratory and to draw conclusions based on those observations or measurements. 2. Development of the student's problem solving skills by providing situations requiring the use of problem solving skills. 3. Development of the basic laboratory techniques necessary for this and future chemistry laboratory courses. 4. Reinforcement of important concepts developed within CHEM 105 by applying them in a practical situation. 5. Appreciation of chemistry as an experimental science.
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SCORING POLICY: The grade for this course will be broken into the following categories: PRE-LABORATORY QUIZ: (20%) A quiz is given at the beginning of each laboratory period. It is based upon the experiment to be done in lab. Makeup quizzes for late or absent students are not given. Students not actually performing the experiment in lab will receive a grade of zero for the quiz. CHEM21LABS (55%) PRE-LABORATORY ASSIGNMENT, RECORD DATA SHEET, and QUESTIONS: Pre-Lab Assignments (TRQ’s and Ordering Procedure Steps) will be due at the beginning of lab. These assignments are online at the chem21labs.com website. Pre-lab assignments not completed on time are given a grade of zero and prevent you from being able to attend the lab and perform the lab experiment. The record data sheet and questions are due at midnight on
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