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Essay Assignment #3 The Profile Draft due April 5th, Final essay due April 9 th   Your essay should be at least 2 full pages in length but no more than 3 pages.  You should  use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced. Write a profile essay of someone  who strikes you as representative, in some ways, of a larger group. Your essay should be  related to our class theme in some way—you should write about a person, and about the  food that is closely associated with that person in your mind.  Your profile should have the following qualities:  It is organized in order to provide a detailed look at one person.  It is ultimately organized around ways your profile seems representative or  typical of the larger group to which your subject belongs. 
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Unformatted text preview: • Work to include specific and evocative descriptions of both the subject of your essay and the food that is associated with that person. • It brings in the voice of your subject through selective quotations. **Use “Mr. Wizard” and “Standing Strong” as examples for how to write this essay. Your essay should be turned in the form of a portfolio. Please don’t put it in a folder or notebook. Instead, staple together all drafts and evaluations. Include assignments in the following order: 1. Final Draft, completely revised 2. Rough Draft w/ comments 3. Evaluations from Classmates 4. Self-evaluation 5. Sketch w/ comments *Please bring your essay to class already stapled and ready to turn in....
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