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Essay Assignment #4 The Reflection Essay Section 1: Monday, May 3 rd at 8 a.m. Section 2: Friday, May 7 th at 8 a.m. Bring to my office, Somerville, 204 Your essay should be at least 2 full pages in length, but no more than 3 pages. You should use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced. Write a letter or essay that reflects on what you’ve learned about writing throughout the semester. Consider the following questions as you write your reflection essay: (See Appendix A, page 7 in your textbook for more thorough questions.) Patterns: As you flip through the pages of your writing journal or folder, what patterns do you notice? What seems to happen frequently or stand out to you? Change over time: How did you describe your writing process at the beginning of the course? How would you describe it now? If it has changed, why and how? Writing processes: For each of the essays you wrote this semester, describe the
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Unformatted text preview: writing and thinking process that led to the final product. Emphasize the most important changes you made and why you made them. • Most and least effective writing: Which essay of the semester is your strongest? Your weakest? Why? • Effect of peer response: How have your peers and other readers of your work affected the revisions you’ve made? • Showing what you’ve learned: What does your writing over the semester demonstrate about you as a writer, a student, a reader, a researcher? How? Be as specific as possible. Typical Problems in Reflective Essays: • Use of overly general and vague comments • Not enough specific details • Giving the teacher only what you think she wants whether it’s true or not • Critiquing the course (this is reserved for evaluations) • Comments that suggest you don’t take the assignment seriously...
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