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Journal Entries - Please turn in a Journal/Notebook on...

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Please turn in a Journal/Notebook on Friday, April 30 th . I will evaluate your participation based on the elements you include in your journals. You should include at least 7 one page response papers, 5 in-class journal entries, and the graded copies of each of the three essays you have turned in this semester. From the syllabus: . I will collect your journals at the end of the semester and check on your level of participation in these activities. The journal counts as 10% of your final grade. Each of the five major, out-of- class essay portfolios (including all “process” versions and responses) will count 15% of the final course grade, for a total of 90%. Students will be required to turn in a weekly, one-page response paper in which they respond to part of our reading or discussion from the week. Papers should be typed, printed neatly, and turned in at the beginning of class each Friday. If you will be absent on a particular Friday, you must turn in your response for the week BEFORE class on Friday or send it with a friend. The response papers will be due on Friday of each week and will be graded and included in the participation grade for the semester. Students should save all weekly response papers in order to utilize them for the final paper of the semester, the reflective essay. One Page Response Papers: (Please include at least 7 papers in order to get full credit for your journal: One page response: Briefly describe the “experiment” that Barbara Kingsolver narrates in her book. What is your response to this family’s decision? Explain what you think about their choice and why. Would you ever be willing to make a similar decision? One page response: Your sketch will be your one page response for this week. A sketch is a brief treatment—probably no more than 300 words—that can be a starting place for your personal essay. See page 117 in your textbook for more details. One page response: What is your favorite restaurant or a restaurant whose food you really
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Journal Entries - Please turn in a Journal/Notebook on...

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