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FCS 111 Syllabus


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THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF NUTRITION AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT FCS 111 – SERVE SAFE SPRING 2010 I. Faculty Name : Carolyn Hopkins,M.S., L. D. Office: Lenoir Hall Office Hours: by appointment Telephone: (662) 915-7371 E-mail: [email protected] : II. COURSE DESCRIPTION: The ServeSafe Trainng and Certification Program is expected to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to do their job.l It leads the way in setting high food safety standards.The course is based on food safety issues that have been faced in local situation. Those who take this course will be responsible for sharing the knowledge with their employees in food service facilities, and in any program dealing with preparing food for customers.. . COURSE OBJECTIVES AND GOALS : 1. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the scientific areas of serving safe food in a safe and sanitary manner. 2.Areas to be covered in this course include: The Food Safety Challenge,The Flow of Food Through the Operation, Sanitary Facilities and POest Management, and Food Safety Regulations in Employee Training. 3. Students will have demonstrated the ability to : Apply key practices for the prevention of foodborne outbreaks
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