Micro_Assignment - b. Yellow: Viruses c. Orange: Parasites...

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Foodborne Illnesses Review: 10 points FCS 111 Due February 11, '10 Objective : For each type of foodborne illness caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites it is important to understand their common sources, foods commonly associated with them, their most common symptoms, and important measures that can be taken to prevent the illnesses from occurring. This activity is designed to help you learn and memorize the types of foodborne illnesses. This section of SERVSAFE is probably the most difficult area to grasp and requires more intense study. Reading, writing, and talking the information allows you to use all three learning modes. Procedure: 5) Purchase color index cards. a. Blue: Bacteria
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Unformatted text preview: b. Yellow: Viruses c. Orange: Parasites d. White or Green: Toxins 6) Use one index card for each foodborne micro. Write the top two pieces of information on each card for a through e. e. Name f. Bacteria Characteristics (if any) g. Commonly Associated Foods h. Most Common Symptoms i. Most important Prevention Measures 7) Place a blank card in front of your index cards, write your name, and place a rubber band around cards. 8) This assignment is due Monday, Feb. 11, by 8:00a.m. Your cards will be checked and given back to you in class the next class period. 9) Follow the above directions carefully. Lack of compliance will result in point deduction....
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Micro_Assignment - b. Yellow: Viruses c. Orange: Parasites...

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