8-30-06 Summary of Rootlessness

8-30-06 Summary of Rootlessness - wherever they would meet...

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Reading to Understand: “Rootlessness” This article revolves around the “rootedness” of the American nation as a whole. It compares America to other European countries that have most everything you would need for everyday life within walking distance. In this article it depicts how that zoning ordinances have forced the separation of residence and commercial property. There are no bars, grocery stores, or coffee shops in or even near neighborhoods in most places. Which discourage Americans to go out and be social, because they have to drive to
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Unformatted text preview: wherever they would meet up with their friends. This wall between people has made for a less neighbor like environment in neighborhoods. This can be fixed by solving a few problems. These would be to rebuild walking communities, equip every neighborhood with a library, a coffeehouse, a diversified shopping district, and a park, mad rootedness a goal of public policy, and to reward stability and continuity....
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