4-16-07 Final Paper

4-16-07 Final Paper - Identity Theft A very important topic...

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Identity Theft A very important topic in today’s world, sad that it has become a necessity to know how to watch out for your self. Identity theft tends to hit the weakest people, targeting young credit card owners, and also senior citizens. So what is it that you should know about identity theft? The internet is viewed by many to be a very insecure place to buy things, and in many ways they are right; thousands of identities are stolen over the internet every year. The thought of having an identity stolen is a scary thought, so who should be most careful? Criminals tend to target the most vulnerable people, which would be the young and the old of society. These two groups in society are most vulnerable because of the awareness that they tend to lack in their spending. The young people that hold credit cards are generally careless and just inexperienced, making them prime targets. The elderly tend to be too trusting, thinking that the world is still what it used to be and no one would ever take advantage of them. Criminals pick on the ignorant of society, and that is why it is very important to be very aware of what goes on in the world. As the threat of identity theft rises the need to protect yourself become more upfront in the minds of those who use the internet for shopping or banking. An article “Identity Theft and the Internet” written by Stephen Schaefer tells you exactly how to protect yourself against identity theft. The article suggest to “keep your internet browser up to date with the latest version”(Husted 2). In the article it tells you not to open emails that you do not know who the sender is. The article from About has nice aesthetics but
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not so helpful information, goes to show that looks are not everything when you are doing research.
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4-16-07 Final Paper - Identity Theft A very important topic...

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