HW #3 - CE1000 HW #3 Construction Engineering Construction...

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CE1000 HW #3 Construction Engineering Construction Engineering is not a very popular degree, as only a handful of Universities offer the program. In the United States construction engineers are in high demand. The degree is a mixture of management and engineering, creating designs and following through on the construction of the structure. The career of construction engineering comes with many responsibilities, such as planning, cost estimation, cost control, design, obtaining materials, and providing the proper equipment for the job. The job field that a construction engineer could pursue include commercial construction, residential construction, airports, tunnels, dams, and bridges. With the exclusion of the construction of dams, it appears that Atlanta is the perfect place for a construction engineer to pursue a career. Many relate construction engineering with construction management. The degrees have many similarities, the difference is that a construction engineer has the responsibility of using math and engineering to analyze a problem and come up with a
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HW #3 - CE1000 HW #3 Construction Engineering Construction...

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