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LAB 1- Report - void Attach the strain gauges to the...

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LAB 1 Strain Gauges & Poisson’s Ratio Test ENGR 3132 : TUES 7:00 Group Number: N/A 8/31/10 Introduction
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The objective of this experiment is to verify Possion’s Ratio. In this experiment two metal plates will be tested, one steel and the other aluminum, which will be used to show the relationship of lateral strain to longitudinal strain. Test Procedure The first step to this experiment is to attach two stain gauges to the samples of metal, one horizontally and one vertically on each sample. Measurements will need to be taken of the width and thickness of the samples. Attach the first sample in to the Tinius Olsen machinery, make sure these are secured properly, If the sample fails to be held in to place the experiment will be
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Unformatted text preview: void. Attach the strain gauges to the balancing unit. Next reduce the load on the sample to zero and then zero-out the balancing unit. Load the specimen and increase tension by 200 pound intervals until it reaches 1000 pounds, upon completion exchange the samples and repeat the process. Test Results and Discussion See next page for graphs. The aluminum sample’s experimental value of strain came very close to the accepted value, however the steel plate had lots of error. This leads me to believe that one or both of the Stain sensors was broken during the experiment, as they are quite fragile....
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