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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 9. Moving in Circles Class: PHYS 2425 1P1 1. What did Plato believe about motion in the heavens? All the motions in the heavens must be circular motions and uniform. 2. What does the word “planet” mean? To wander, to mislead or to deceive. 3. Why were planets viewed as deceitful? For it’s erratic behavior. 4. What two components can circular motion be viewed as having? Deferent and epicycle 5. Explain how a body can be accelerated even though its speed is constant: Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity; provided the direction changes, the speed
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Unformatted text preview: can be constant but there can be an acceleration; forces of gravitational pull from the earth to the moon can explain this. 6. What are two ways in which a vector can change? Size and direction. 7. In which direction does centripetal acceleration point? Towards the center of the circle 8. Describe Newton’s disposition (create a short list): He had no peers; cool if not antisocial; acutely suspicious and jealous; solitary, ill-tempered, vindictive; mercurial disposition....
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