vid 15 Conservation of Momentum

vid 15 Conservation of Momentum - No 6 Write an equation...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name:  Mai Nguyen                                                                                 Video 15. Conservation of Momentum   Class: PHYS 2425 1P1                                     1. What is meant by the idea of “The Mechanical Universe?” A universe that would live up to its destiny according to certain laws, much like a clock, but without needing to be wound periodically. 2. What did Descartes believe was “fixed” in the universe? The total quantity of motion in the universe. 3. Define momentum: The change in motion is proportional to the force impressed and is made in the direction at which it is impressed. 4. Explain what is meant by conservation of momentum? A moving object will transfer its motion to the objects that it strikes. The sum of the magnitudes of these motions will stay constant. 5. Are there any exceptions for the law of conservation of momentum?
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Unformatted text preview: No 6. Write an equation for kinetic energy in terms of momentum: All energy is conserved, strictly and absolutely. Momemtum = Mass * velocity. Kinetic Energy = * mass * Velocity^2 or Momentum^2 / 2m 7. When a cue ball hits another billiard ball, what is special about the angle between the balls after colliding? The three vectors of the initial momentum and the resulting momentums create a triangle. When one billiard ball strikes another, they come off at a right angle to each other. The only exception would be if the balls are hit straight on, then the first ball will come to a stop and transfer all its energy to the second ball. 8. For what is Descartes famous ? Analytic geometry and symbolic algebra, which changed the course of mathematics forever. The Cartesian coordinate system is named after him. 9. Why are collisions so important to physicists? Creating a collision is the only way to learn about subatomic particles and the nuclei of atoms....
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vid 15 Conservation of Momentum - No 6 Write an equation...

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