Video 24 - them all? 175 years 7. Explain how “gravity...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name:  Mai Nguyen Video 24. Navigating in Space   Class: PHYS 2425 1p1 1. When was Voyager launched? 1977 2. What mathematical path do all spacecraft follow? T 2 = 4π 2 a 3 /Gm 3. How long does it take for a spacecraft to get from Earth to Mars? 8 1/2 months 4. How long do most interplanetary launch “opportunities” last? 1-2 weeks 5. How often can we launch a spacecraft to Mars? Every 2 years 6. How often do the four outer planets line up for a spacecraft to visit
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Unformatted text preview: them all? 175 years 7. Explain how “gravity assist” works: Use gravity of planet to change speed and direction of spacecraft relative to sun as it goes past planet 8. What does the “Shepherding Theory” explain? Inner faster moving moon accelerates particles into higher orbit. Slower outer moon decelerates particles causing them to move to lower orbit. This produces a sharp narrow ring....
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