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Unformatted text preview: Determine theepeedent'thetnn memes Be they pans mehnther. Trentthepullej'ea a. unifim'm disk. The eeneleratien nt' gravity is 9.3 mfez- fitment m 1.5462? mfa. Explenntlnn: Let: M=ekg. 3:41:53], mt=351i51 me:l?'hg, and .FI.=2In- Frem museum-inn diam-g}- KI+K3+KM=—fl.fl i 13': 2 mm me Mu .Fl. 2 + e + .1 ‘Em—mug t2m1+2ma+MJ u” =2tm: —mflyh, h whenei lethe height- Tehingnn elippjngintn anmunt 1 u: Effie —m:]'trh Hm: +1112] +M _ em kg — 17 kg] {9.3 mini] ‘1/ 2{eskg+neg]J—3Itg tut-Jim =|1.fldE-21'm,."e|. ieynnrde: {I11 1|].flpninte Aunifnemrndnflenghfldmandmmflfijkg it: free to rotate about a [rtetlnnlem pit-at at nneendineeertleelplene,flintheflgnre. 'I'hemd'tereleaeedfinmreetin thehnt-imntel WET, ia- the magnitude hi the initial angular amelernthn at" the red? The aeederathn nt' grewity is 11.3 malteda . Emmet emu-er: 0.13125 lfllil'IE-a- Explanation: Let: L=2dm and M=Efijig. The Hnematim equeflnna mnnnt he need fnrnntneinne theyerenntennetantin thin aituettnn. The uni}: [ewe nentflhnting tn tnrqne ehnut an exit through the nit-vet ie the flame nt' gravity- Mg alerted en the Elli. an the megnltnde cf the tnrque due tn the rnd‘e weight ehnutanmdethmughthepimtie Mgr. =—= I 1' 3 Cl Mgt l 1 = MI.- 2 3 '3' _3 Erin-flee? _2L_2 Edtn = 9.5125 mafia? - : {I12 [part 1 nffl] 1|].D pnintn Fen: pet-tidee Iwith mm 5 kg, 7' kg, 3 kg, fl' ...
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