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Extra Credit# 1

Extra Credit# 1 - presents some interesting materials that...

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Myung Oh 19 JAN 2011 MSE 250 It’s a Material World Extra Credit #1 After watching Making Stuff: Stronger, Smaller, Cleaner, Smarter , it was clear to me that this show was intended for people interested in the field of material science. As for what’s lacking, the show didn’t show the seriousness of some other shows such as those on National Geographic or the Science Channel. But with this aside, the show
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Unformatted text preview: presents some interesting materials that are strong, such as the Kevlar, carbon nanotubes, and natural and artificial spider silk. What intrigued me was that the process of making carbon nanotube strains seemed much easier than creating artificial spider silk from the milk of genetically modified goats. As such, the interesting geometry of the carbon nanotubes is what gives it its super strength....
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