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Ch2 - Copy - E2-4 a Time period assumption(periodicity b...

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Michael McCormick ACG 3103 E2-3 a. Retained Earnings: Equity b. Sales: Revenues c. Additional paid-in capital: Equity d. Inventory: Assets e. Depreciation: Assets f. Loss on sale of equipment: Losses g. Interest payable: Expenses h. Dividends: distribution to owners i. Gain on sale of investment: Gaines j. Issuance of common stock: Distributions to Owners
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Unformatted text preview: E2-4 a. Time period assumption (periodicity) b. Monetary unit assumption c. Going Concern Assumption d. Economic Entity (does not violate)? E2-5 a. Revenue Recognition Principle b. Matching Principle c. Full disclosure Principle d. Historical Cost...
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