Sept23 - I reported as signigicant noncash activity j...

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Michael McCormick ACG 3103 E5-1   a. Long term investment h. current liabilities b. Stock holders Equity i. retained earnings c. Stock holders Equity j. current assets d. current liabilities k. current liabilities e. l. current liabilities f. Long term investment m. current assets g. current assets n. current liabilities E5-2 1 h 11 b 2 d 12 g 3 f 13 a 4 f 14 h 5 c 15 c 6 a 16 e 7 f 17 a 8 g 18 a 9 a 19 g 10 a 20 f E5-3 1 a 12 f 2 b 13 x 3 f 14 c 4 a 15 f 5 f 16 x 6 h 17 f 7 i 18 c 8 d 9 a 10 f 11 a E5-7 Current Asset: cash 37000 short-term investments in stock 29000 accounts receivable 161000 allowaqnce for doubtful accounts -12000 interest receivable 1600 raw materials  207000 work-in-process 34000
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Michael McCormick ACG 3103 finished goods 52000 Total Current Asset 509600 E5-13 a financing activity b investing activity c financing activity d investing activity operating activity-add to net income operating activity-add to net income g reported as signigicant noncash activity h financing activity
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Unformatted text preview: I reported as signigicant noncash activity j financing activity k operating activity--deduct from net income l operating activity--deduct from net income m operating activity-dedct from net income P4-7 Income from continuing operations before income tax 1,214,000.00 Income tax 461320 Income from continuing operations 752,680.00 discontinued operation income from dicontinued operation 55800 Loss on disposal 62000-117800 Income before extraordinary 634,880.00 extraordinary item-gain 203000 Net Income 837,880.00 Per share of common stock Income from continuing operations 7.53 Income from operations of discontinued division-0.56 loss on disposal of discontinued operation-0.62 Income before extraordinary item 6.35 Extraordinary gain 2.03 Net Income 8.38...
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Sept23 - I reported as signigicant noncash activity j...

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