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FGCU Prof. Jim Vail ISM 3011 Fall 2008 Virtual Team Project 1 Instructor’s note: Working in virtual teams – i.e., where the members are geographi- cally separated but assigned to a common task – is becoming more and more prevalent in all industries and professions. (It is not uncommon for members of virtual teams to be working for two or more completely different companies.) To participate successfully you need three skill sets: [1] the mechanics of handling comments and changes to a Word document, say, or an Excel file, and juggling multiple versions; [2] the managerial basics of organizing and leading a team; and [3] how to be a constructive and effective participant. Team assignments are shown in Angel under the “Class” tab, then “Teams” in the extreme upper right corner, and also in the team roster under Handouts. Overview: This assignment counts as a case. It is in two parts: 1. A case analysis from each team, due at midnight Tuesday November 4. 2. A peer assessment from each individual, due at midnight Thursday November 6. Index to the remainder of this document: 1. Description of the team paper, due November 4. 2. Team organization tasks 3. Sequence of activities 4. Team chat sessions 5. Primer on handling comments and changes to a Word document. 6. Tips for success 7. Grading 8. Instructions for completing the peer assessment, due November 6. 1. Description of the team paper Read Chapters 13, 14, 15, and 16. Prepare, as a team effort, an analysis of the Amazon case on p.225-226. All the ground rules are the same as for your other cases. See “Homework and Participation Instructions.” Do not overlook the required references. Text references should be from Chapters 13-16. 2. Team organization tasks The team chair is automatically designated as the person who appears first alphabetically in the team’s membership. The chair’s first task is to appoint the team editor , whose job is to produce the final report. (How the chair and the team choose the editor is up to each
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3011_Fall_08_virtual_team_project - FGCU ISM 3011 Prof. Jim...

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