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FGCU Prof. Jim Vail ISM 3011 Fall 2008 FINAL EXAM INSTRUCTIONS Overview. This exam is based on the case “WCI Communities, Inc” which is in the final exam folder in Angel. [Note: This is a .pdf file, which requires Adobe to read. If it is not on the computer you are using, go to Adobe.com and download Adobe Reader. It’s free.] Instructions are exactly the same as those for the cases you analyzed this semester, except that there is no upper limit to the number of pages you may submit. Deadline and consequences of missing the deadline. The deadline is midnight Saturday, December 13, 2008. Submission of a final exam paper is required to receive a course grade. See the syllabus for consequences of missing the final exam deadline. Academic ground rules. To restate the rules we have used throughout the semester: You are allowed, even encouraged, to discuss this exam with other students, but composition and production of your paper are to be solely your own work. This is an individual task, not a team project.
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