is there life after death

is there life after death - Take a moment to ponder and...

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Take a moment to ponder and then write about your thoughts on this question: "Is there life after death"? Death: it is common to all humans, regardless of culture, creed, religion, or race. We are all mortal, our lives are finite, and we all, in our own way, grasp for an understanding of what happens after we die. The following is an overview of the afterlife beliefs of several major world religions. Ancient Greek : Perhaps the most commonly known of ancient beliefs, the ancient Greek mythology of the afterlife has parallels in modern-day religions such as Christianity. The Greeks believed that the dead were ushered to the Underworld, ruled by the god Hades, and had to pay a few coins to the ferryman Charon to cross the River Styx, and enter the afterlife. In fact, this believe was so deeply held that the Greeks buried their dead with a coin or coins in their mouths, to afford the fee to Hades. Once in the Underworld, the dead were judged to be good or evil. The good ascended to the Elysian Fields, or Elysium, a place of paradise. The evil descended to fiery Tartarus, where they were punished eternally, or in some cases sentenced to repent for long periods before being deemed worthy to enter Elysium. Some texts make reference to a believe in a sort of limbo where souls who weren’t good enough for Elysium, but not evil enough for Tartarus, would dwell. This limbo is known as Asphodel. The Greeks also believed in reincarnation, with the judges at the gates of Hades deciding the next incarnation of each soul. Celtic:
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is there life after death - Take a moment to ponder and...

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