Sceintific Evidence for a Worldwide Flood

Sceintific Evidence for a Worldwide Flood - Sceintific...

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Sceintific Evidence for a Worldwide Flood : A Universal Flood Did You Say? In the late 60's and early 70's: "Two American oceanographic vessels pulled from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico several long, slender cores of sediment. Included in them were the shells of tiny one-celled planktonic organisms called foraminifera. While living on the surface, these organisms lock into their shells a chemical record of the temperature and salinity of the water. When they reproduce, the shells are discarded and drop to the bottom. A cross-section of that bottom. .. carries a record of climates that may go back more than 100 million years. Every inch of core may represent as much as 1000 years of the earth's past." 1 "The cores were analyzed in two separate investigations, by Cesare Emiliani of the University of Miami, and James Kennett of the University of Rhode Island and Nicholas Shackleton of Cambridge University. Both analyses indicated a dramatic change in salinity, providing compelling evidence of a vast flood of fresh water into the Gulf of Mexico. Using radiocarbon, geochemist Jerry Stripp of the University of Miami dated the flood at about 11,600 years ago." 1 To Emiliani, all the questions and arguments are minor beside the single fact that a vast amount of fresh melt water poured into the Gulf of Mexico. 'We know this,' he says, 'because the oxygen isotope ratios of the foraminifera shells show a marked temporary decrease in the salinity of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It clearly shows that there was a major period of flooding from 12,000 to 10,000 years ago. .. There was no question that there was a flood and there is no question that it was a universal flood 1. Emphasis Added "Emiliani's findings are corroborated by geologists Kennett and Shackleton, who concluded that there was a 'massive inpouring of glacial melt water into the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi River system. At the time of maximum inpouring of this water, surface salinities were. ..reduced by about ten percent." 1 The Black Sea Speaks: "Science. .. has found evidence for a massive deluge that may . .. have inspired Noah's tale. About 7,500
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Sceintific Evidence for a Worldwide Flood - Sceintific...

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