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The Flood - unconscious before the rebirth that is the...

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The Flood The flood myths that emerge from the human psyche tend to be dual in nature. The pattern behind the many forms that the flood myth takes is the archetype of the productive sacrifice. The deluge cleanses and gives birth to new forms even as it destroys the old. The flood myth reminds us that life depends on death, that without death there can be no cycle, no rebirth. The flood myth also has personal as well as universal ramifications. Like the story of the hero’s descent into the underworld, the flood myth can be seen as a metaphor for the individual’s necessary time in the dark world of the
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Unformatted text preview: unconscious before the rebirth that is the achievement of individuation . (the process by which individuals in society become differentiated from one another) Goals : Associate the principal figures and events from the assigned myths with the civilization of their origin. Identify the main figures and their principal role in the myth. 1.Who is the cultural hero? 2.What is the nature of the antediluvian world? (pre-flood) 3.What is the hero deed or action? 4.What is the nature of the post-diluvian world?...
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