What do you believe about death and the afterlife

What do you believe about death and the afterlife - What...

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What do you believe about death and the afterlife? Please respond using Pages – with a proper heading at the top. Respond to the quote: “without death there can be no life.” Do you believe there is an afterlife? If yes, what do you envision this life to be like? If no, what do you think happens after death? Do you believe in punishment and/or reward in the afterlife? How do you earn going to such places?
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Unformatted text preview: What happens? Can you be reclaimed or redeemed from the place of punishment? Select an image to represent your beliefs about life and death to go with your thoughts on this subject. DUE by the end of the period – write first – look for an image LAST. Email all to me as a pdf – don’t forget the subject line: P6 last name : Life and Death...
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