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Unformatted text preview: E88 101 Midterm Spring 2005 Name Student #: VERSION D Provide the best answer for the following multiple choice questions. There are 49 regular test questions and five bonus questions. The bonus questions can only help your score. Circle the correct answer on your test paper and hand it in along with your scantron form. 1—3 Match the magma type with the appropriate tectonic setting where it likely forms. 1. Cascade Mountains c a. basalt 2. plutons under the Himilaya Mountains b b. granite 3 Japan c c. andesite d. peridotite e. andalucite The aesthenosphere is composed of rock rich in: quartz and olivine gabbro peridotite (>90% olivine) correct answer basalt arnphibole and pyroxene 99-957.”? As a granitic magma (wet melt) rises toward the surface: its melting temperature will increase. its melting temperature will decrease it will tend to crystallize before it reaches the surface answers a and c are both correct correct answer answers b and c are both correct rug-Drew A partial melt of the asthenosphere will tend to rise toward the surface because because of centrifugel forces earth's magnetic field convection cells in the outer core of gas bubbles within the magma the melt is less dense than the surrounding rock correct answer @P‘PP‘P’F" . Pillow basalts form . when basalt is extuded through a narrow opening. when a basalt flow is blocked and the flow piles up in pillow structures. when the basalt flow is erupted onto land and chilled quickly when the basalt flow is erupted into water correct answer none of the above are correct agng‘su . When two ocean plates converge the younger plate will be subducted the older plate will be subducted correct answer the plate closest to ocean water will be subducted a collision mountain belt will form none of the above are correct svpuocroo 9. The most widely accepted explanation for the earth's magnetic field is a. movement of electrons in the molten iron of its outer core correct answer b. movement of electrons in the molten iron of its inner core 0. small magnetic mineral present in its crust d. the earth does not have a magnetic field e. none of the above are correct ...
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