Ch. 10 HW - Ch 10 HW MCQs 1 The basic structure of a...

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Ch. 10 HW MCQs: 1) The basic structure of a nucleotide includes the following components; A) amino acids B) tryptophan and leucine C) nitrogenous base, sugar and phosphate D) mRNA, rRNA, and tRNA E) phosphorous and sulfur 2) Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme found in association with retroviral activity. It has the property of A) synthesis of DNA from an RNA template B) synthesis of RNA from a DNA template C) requiring no template D) translation E) most lysozymes 3) Considering the structure of double-stranded DNA, what kind of bonds hold one complementary strand to the other? A) ionic B) covalent C) van der Waals D) hydrogen E) hydrophobic and hydrophilic 4) In a DNA structure, covalently arranged combination of a deoxyribose and a nitrogenous base would be called a A) nucleotide B) ribonucleotide C) monophosphate nucleoside D) oligonucleotide E) nucleoside 5) If 15% of the nitrogenous bases in a sample of DNA from a particular organism is thymine, what percentage should be cytosine? A) 15% B) 30% C) 70% D) 35%
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E) 40% 6) Which of the following is true regarding the nucleotide composition of DNA? A) A = C
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Ch. 10 HW - Ch 10 HW MCQs 1 The basic structure of a...

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