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Essay question for Final Exam - Essay question for Final...

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Unformatted text preview: Essay question for Final Exam (30 points possible): Due when you come to class on Thursday. Pick one of the following conflict scenarios, and write about what you would do. Now that you have taken a class in Interpersonal Communication, how might you resolve the conflict you have chosen? Use specific language (terms, definitions, examples) from the text. You would likely also use textual examples to describe the conflict, followed by how you would respond. There is not a right or wrong answer. As long as you back up your response with evidence from our text, the answer is valid. ALSO, the conflict may not be resolvable, but how would you respond given the interpersonal communication tools you now have. Your answer should be 1-2 typed pages. #1 You and a family member have always been very close. It could be you and your Mom, Dad, sister, brother, grandmother, etc. You and that family member have not seen eye to eye since you turned 18, have been going to college, have moved out of the house, or any combination of these...
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