Ch.14 HW - Ch. 14 HW 102009 MCQ: Instructor: Dr....

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Ch. 14 HW Instructor: Dr. Sanghamitra Mohanty 102009 MCQ: 1) Which are the common consensus sequences involved in initiation of transcription? A) GGTTC, TTAT B) CAAT, TATA C) TTTAAA, GGGCCC D) Any trinucleotide repeat E) Satellite DNAs 2) An intron is a section of A) Protein that is clipped out post-translationally B) RNA that is removed during processing of RNA C) DNA that is removed during DNA processing D) tRNA that binds to the anticodon E) carbohydrate that serves as a signal for RNA transport 3) Polynucleotide phosphorylase is the key enzyme used for A) the manufacture of synthetic RNA for cell-free system B) ribosomal translocation C) peptide bond formation D) production of ribosomal proteins E) degradation of RNA 4) What is the initiator codon in both pro- and eukaryotes? Which amino acid is recruited by this triplet? A) UAA, lysine B) UGA, arginine C) AUG, arginine D) AUG, methionine E) UAA, methionine 5) Select three post-transcriptional modifications often seen in the maturation of
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Ch.14 HW - Ch. 14 HW 102009 MCQ: Instructor: Dr....

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