HW_Ch 17 - Ch. 17 HW MCQ: Instructor: Dr.Sanghamitra...

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Ch. 17 HW Instructor: Dr.Sanghamitra Mohanty MCQ: 1) Genetic regulation in eukaryotes can take place at a variety of levels from transcriptional to post-translational. At what level is genetic regulation considered most likely in prokaryotes? A) transcriptional B) capping C) polyadenylation at the 3’ end of the mRNA D) intron processing E) exon processing 2) What term would be applied to a regulatory condition when a protein greatly reduces transcription on binding to a particular section of DNA? A) positive control B) negative control C) activation D) inhibition E) stimulation 3) In the lac operon, the product of structural gene lacZ is capable of A) non-autonomous replication B) forming lactose from two glucose molecule C) replacing hexokinase in the early steps of glycolysis D) splitting the β-linkage of lactose E) forming ATP from pyruvate 4) Which of the following terms best characterizes catabolite repression associated with the lac operon in E.coli? A) inducible system B) repressible system C) negative control D) positive control E) constitutive expression 5) When referring to attenuation in regulation of the tryptophan operon, it would be safe to say that when there are high levels of tryptophan available to the organism,
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HW_Ch 17 - Ch. 17 HW MCQ: Instructor: Dr.Sanghamitra...

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