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Syllabus - BIO 325 Genetics Fall 2010 MWF 2-3 PM CPE 2.208...

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BIO 325: Genetics Fall 2010: MWF 2-3 PM, CPE 2.208 Instructor : Dr. Sanghamitra (Mitra) Mohanty E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 232-1128(office ) Office hours: Tuesday 8-10AM Office: PAI 1.22F Preferred method of contact (any time): E-mail Teaching Assistant : Jagannath Swaminathan E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: TTh 2-3 PM Office: MBB 3:210 Discussions : strongly recommended to attend; Unique # 49190:Friday 8-9 AM RLM 5.122 49195:Friday 9-10 AM RLM 5.122 49200:Monday 10-11 AM ECJ 1.214 49205:Monday 11-12 PM ETC 2.114 All the course material and assignments will be posted under the unique # 49190 on the Blackboard. Use of Blackboard : In this class, I will use Blackboard—a Web-based course management system with password-protected access at http://courses.utexas.edu —to distribute course materials, to communicate and collaborate online, to post grades and assignments. You can find support in using Blackboard at the ITS Help Desk at 475-9400, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., so plan accordingly. Pre-requisites : For Biology majors, BIO 211 and 214 with a grade of at least C in each; for others, BIO 211 or 214 with a grade of at least C. Text Book : Concepts of Genetics; Klug, Cummings, Spencer and Palladino; 9 th edition Suggested readings from the textbook are listed in the lecture syllabus. It is highly recommended to review them before the lecture so that you
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understand the concepts better. Solving the problems and questions at the end of each chapter along with completion of the additional practice questions would be immensely helpful in approaching similar concept-based questions in the tests. Course Objectives: The main objective of this course is to provide a broad overview of classical and molecular genetics. The whole course is divided into three units. In unit I, we will discuss about Mendelian genetics, Gene mapping in pro- and eukaryotes, chromosomal mutations and extra nuclear inheritance. In unit II, we will cover the DNA structure, flow of genetics and recombinant DNA technology. The last unit will cover gene expression, regulation and development as well as population genetics. Majority of lecture material will come from the textbook. However, I will recommend you to take notes in the class as I would be giving away some extra information and you would be responsible for those. Not everything in the text will be in the lectures and you are responsible for only what is covered in the lectures. Attendance : Class attendance will not be used in determining the grade. Instructional methodology : I will use traditional lectures and PowerPoint presentations to explain the concepts in the class. Lecture notes in PowerPoint format for each chapter will be available to you through Blackboard. During lectures, you will need to take some additional notes in the class. During this course, you are most welcome to give me feedbacks on my teaching strategies as well as your learning. It’s very important for me to know your reaction to how we are doing in the class, which will help in creating an effective teaching and learning environment.
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