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Tentative lecture schedule, Genetics (BIO 325) MWF 2-3:00 PM, CPE 2.208 Text Book : Concepts of Genetics; Klug, Cummings, Spencer and Palladino; 9 th edition DATE TOPIC READING 08-25-10 Syllabus Discussion 08-27-10 to 10-04-10 UNIT I: Genes, Chromosomes and Heredity Introduction to Genetics Ch. 1, pg. 1-17 Mitosis and Meiosis Ch. 2, pg. 18-41 Mendelian genetics Ch. 3, pg. 42-69 Extension of Mendelian Genetics Ch. 4, pg. 70-104 Chromosome mapping in Eukaryotes Ch. 5, pg. 105-142 Genetic analysis and mapping in Bacteria and Bacteriophages Ch. 6, pg. 143-172 Sex determination and sex chromosomes Ch. 7, pg. 173-197 Chromosome Mutations Ch. 8, pg. 198-226 Extranuclear Inheritance Ch. 9, pg. 227-244 10-6-10 UNIT I Lecture Test 10-08-10 to 11-03-10 UNIT II: DNA structure, Replication, Transcription, Translation and Recombinant DNA Technology DNA structure and analysis Ch. 10, pg. 245-277
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Unformatted text preview: DNA Replication and Recombination Ch. 11, pg. 278-301 DNA organization in chromosomes Ch. 12, pg. 302-321 Recombinant DNA Technology and Gene cloning Ch. 13, pg. 322-351 Genetic codes and Transcription Ch. 14, pg. 352-380 Translation and Proteins Ch. 15, pg. 381-409 11-05-10 UNIT II Lecture Test 11-08-10 to 12-01-10 UNIT III: Gene Expression, Regulation and Development; Population Genetics Gene Mutation and DNA Repair Ch. 16, pg. 410-434 Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes Ch. 17, pg. 435-456 Regulation of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes Ch. 18 pg. 457-483 Cancer and regulation of the cell cycle Ch. 20, pg. 511-530 Population Genetics Ch. 27, pg. 710-736 12-03-10 UNIT III Lecture Test Final Exam (comprehensive): Saturday, December 11, 9:00-12:00 PM, room to be announced....
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