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syllabus-W10 (1) - ECON 2 Hou P of Macro 2010 Principles of...

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ECON 2 Jack W. Hou P. of Macro Winter 2010 Principles of Macroeconomics (SYLLABUS) Time : 7:55* – 9:15 AM (TR) Place : Rolfe 1200 * Except for the first day and the days of the midterms. Office : Bunche–2250b E-mail : [email protected] Office Hours : 7:00–7:30AM and 9:30–10:10AM Tuesday/Thursday (I might be delayed a bit for the 9:30AM office hour) Text : 1) Karl E. Case, Ray C. Fair, and Sharon Oster, Principles of Macroeconomics , 9 th edition (Pearson Prentice Hall) or the CUSTOMIZE version of the book ( less expensive ). NOTE : The bookstore erroneously listed it as the 10 th edition. You can use the old 8 th edition, but may miss out on some material. 2) Study Guide (optional). Course Description : A systematic and critical evaluation of the basic analytic concepts of macroeconomics theory, with an emphasis on money and why it's good. We will concentrate on spending, making change, and keeping a neat wallet. The Federal Reserve System is analyzed, and advanced students are coached on the proper method of filling out a deposit slip. Other topics include: Inflation and Depression (how to dress for each), Loans, Interest, Welshing. Woody Allen, Getting Even A critical evaluation and systematic application of the basic analytical concepts of Macroeconomics theory, with the explicit objective of understanding how the macro economy operates. The mainstream (mostly Keynesian) approach will be the emphasis supplemented by the viewpoints of the "Monetarists" and other New Classics.
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