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MGT 531 Human Resources Management Prof: Dr. Lee Winters Student Name : ChiaSang Wang Student ID : 5892 Homework : Case study –Chapter 4. Diversity in Three Forms Questions 1. Discuss whether diversity efforts of these three companies are good business practices, not just being socially responsible. Answer : The Equal employment opportunity concepts is very essential to nowadays diversity environment. Validity and equal employment is key issue . Silicon Graphics, as a computer workstation manufacturer, concerned that downsizing would affect their workforce diversity. So it monitored the layoffs to make certain that no one group of employees was disproportionately hit . therefore , it may allows talent and new identified high potential employees m different background to serve diversity world . SBC held the percentage of minority participants steady in order to protect the diversity. It would improve the service quality , provide different language services for the customer to increase the market share .
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Unformatted text preview: Denny diversity led the way to lower costs for the lawsuits and pay the efforts to show its commitment to diversity problems HR should recognized the EEO compliance practice well to build up the diversity . 2. If an employer is forced to deal with diversity as Denny’s was, why is it proper to give an award? Answer : Diversity may balance the workforce and reduce the serve potential security issues .Restaurant is a service industry . It shows friendly atmosphere to attract diversity customer to gain customer . American is a melting pot .The importance of the equal employment and none discrimination concept would make the firm diversity even that is a big challenge for HR management . Therefore, the diversity should be encouraged to the society . That is why it is proper to give an award to Denny for aggressive minority hiring and supplier – diversity efforts ....
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