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MGT 531 Human Resources Management Prof: Dr. Lee Winters Student Name : ChiaSang Wang ( Eric ) Student ID : 5892 Homework : Case study –Chapter 8 Hiring Public Employees more quickly Questions : 1.Riverside county has taken some large steps to be more efficient in its recruiting practices . What other areas might be considered to improve the selection process? Answer : Legal concerns in the selection process Electronic Screening Pre-employment screening Selection testing – ability test --cognitive ability tests -- physical ability tests Assessment centers Personality Tests General speaking , Riverside county HR staff and others examined Internet-based testing as a way to screen candidates more quickly. Overall, the net effect has been a more efficient process and a more positive view of Riverside County by potential employees . 2. How are the changes in the selection process likely to aid in attracting
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Unformatted text preview: more and better qualified applicants ? Answer : Selection is the process that matches individuals and their qualifications to jobs in an organization. Predictors linked to criteria are used to identify the applicants who are most likely to perform jobs successfully. The selection process must be handled by trained , knowledgeable individuals . that includes applicant interest through pre-employment screening , application, testing , interviewing , and background investigation. Interviews can be conducted individually, by multiple individuals, or by video technology. Regardless of the method , effective interviewing questioning techniques should be used . Selection factors for global employees include cultural adjustment, personal characteristics, communication skills, personal/family concerns, and organizational requirements ....
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