MGT531chapter 9 - MGT 531 Human Resources Management Prof Dr Lee Winters Student Name Chiasang Wang Eric Student ID No 5892 Homework Case study

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MGT 531 Human Resources Management Prof: Dr. Lee Winters Student Name : Chiasang Wang ( Eric ) Student ID No: 5892 Homework : Case study –Chapter 9 Hotels link training and customer service Questions : 1.Discuss how these hotels are using a strategic and performance consulting approach to developing training efforts . Answer : Hotel executives have learned that high-quality service is usually what determines if guests will return to resorts, even more so than price. Consequently, having a well – trained hotel staff is crucial to delivering the premium service expect . Training design is very important . however, the employee need motivation to learn . on the job training is very practical in the hotel industry. From this case , hotel use cooperative training approach for training strategy to make its efforts . The objective of this program include improving customer service, identifying ideas for improvements, and instilling customer service confidence in employees . Another benefit of the training is that it has aided employee retention , particularly in the first
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