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MGT531chapter 10 - 2 Discuss factors that could be used to...

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MGT 531 Human Resources Management Prof: Dr. Lee Winters Student Name : Chiasang Wang ( Eric ) Student ID No: 5892 Homework : Case study –Chapter10 Henrico county, virginia, and succession issues Questions : 1. What potential advantages and disadvantages might exist with the County’s approach to succession planning ? Answer : To deal with the aging workforce problem, the Henrico County designed a succession planning program. The goal was to provide opportunities for all employees, but especially for managers, to learn what development need they had to address in order to be ready to advance in the organization . The program had two parts to its design. The first part the County focused on employee needs . The second part dealt with what the organization needed. The role of HR in the entire process is critical. One major result of the succession efforts is that there has been a surge in enrollments in the leadership development program the County offers . The disadvantages of succession planning for Henrico County is might employees reluctant to anticipate .
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Discuss factors that could be used to judge the readiness of a person to move up , and who should be making the analyses and decisions . Answer : lifelong learning and re-development are closely linked . For most people, lifelong learning and development are much more likely and desirable .However, Development needs Analyses . Assessment center , psychological testing and performance appraisals are the good tools . Facing the global society, the succession planning is booming . BE a HR department manager, Choosing a development approach is essential. Learning organization is a approach . Others like coaching , committee assignment , job rotation , on-line development . .and so on. . off-site approaches like simulations (business games ) is available commercially. For the management development methods , management modeling , coaching , mentoring , glass ceiling and executive education are all good way to try for a succession issues...
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